Douglas Hoey

Soon after taking the reins at the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA), Douglas Hoey, RPh, MBA, spoke with Drug Topics' Contributing Editor Christine Blank about his short-term and long-term objectives for NCPA. Hoey was named executive vice president and CEO of NCPA following the resignation of Kathleen Jaeger in early April. NCPA's acting executive vice president and CEO for most of 2010, Hoey also served as COO at NCPA from 2005 through 2010.

Before coming to NCPA, he spent 14 years working in community pharmacies that provided patients with home infusion, long-term-care consulting, compounding, and full-line durable medication equipment.

Drug Topics: What are your primary goals for NCPA this year?

Hoey: First, we are replacing staff members who have left in the last few months. We are also increasing our state presence and adding more resources pertaining to medication adherence and other niche opportunities for pharmacists.

Data and quality will be 2 key measures as the new healthcare reform law evolves. We recognize the need to demonstrate that community pharmacists are going to be high performers in lowering overall health costs and improving patient outcomes. We will continue to be a loud voice for community pharmacy on Capitol Hill.

Drug Topics: Which new staff positions are you replacing?

Hoey: In the very near future we will be announcing a new senior vice president of government affairs. That position has been vacant for a couple of months now. [After this interview occurred, NCPA appointed John M. Coster, PhD, RPh, as head of its new NCPA Advocacy Center and as Senior Vice President, Government Affairs.]

Internally, we need someone to fill our general counsel role and our vice president of finance position, which also are vacant. We just filled our grassroots manager position. [At presstime, the identity of the appointee had not been announced.]

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