You’re starting your job search. There is an unforgiving laundry list that keeps you from being motivated: updating your resume, gathering your references, not to mention you’re currently employed full time. Are you feeling overwhelmed yet? LinkedIn has more than 277 million users worldwide. (Information Week) It is the place recruiters go for resources to find the best talent. Keeping this profile up to date will be key in finding your dream job.
  1. Keep your profile picture and bio up-to-date so your viewer has an accurate visual of who you are today.
  2. Rewrite your “summary” as if you are chatting over a cup of coffee and describing yourself to them.
  3. Create a “call to action” by showing your viewer where they can find more info about you. Maybe a phone number, email, etc.
  4. Join groups so you can increase your network and relevancy.
  5. Showcase your work through your gallery. This could include images, documents, presentations, and more.
  6. Add volunteer work to your profile.
  7. Share a relevant status between 11:00am - 3:00pm during each work day to stay at the top of people’s minds.
  8. Use the alumni search to expand your network and connect with those who may have good networking opportunities for you.
  9. Save your job searches!
  10. Request recommendations despite the focus on endorsements. Recommendations are still a promising way to boost your reputation.
Follow these steps to maximize your LinkedIn profile and snag that dream job! We wish you the best of luck, and don’t forget to reach out to us if you need help with placements!