Do you want your temporary job position to turn into a full-tim gig? As a temp employee, companies are impressed by those who treat their AHSPharmStatTempJobtemporary work like a full-time job! Things like meeting skill and experience levels, and demonstrating basic good business practices; such as, being on time, dressing appropriately, making a great first impression, demonstrating a positive attitude, being respectful and considerate of others will go far. Here is a guideline you can follow to ensure that you will fit in perfectly as the temp employee:
  1. Understand the company’s “personality.” It means fitting in with the norms and behaviors of a company's policies, practices, employees, and management. Not being able to mesh well can really be a problem.
  2. Be easy and willing to train. Take notes, and refer to them. Engage in training by asking relevant questions and express your understanding of concepts and details. You want to become self sufficient as quickly as you can.
  3. Be flexible & adaptable. Change is the nature of temporary work.
  4. Build rapport. Be friendly and show an interest in your colleagues. Every person will be different and it will take time to gauge the personality types of new work colleagues but show you are interested in forming a work-friendly relationship.
  5. BE ON TIME! Being late will increase stress and cause a negative impression.
Being a temp has its own set of challenges. Always present yourself in the best light. You never know when opportunities may open up!