Forbes recently ranked pharmacist as the top health care job in 2015, and we have to agree. Here are a few reasons why pharmacy is a great career field for you to enter, and we can help you accomplish those dreams.
  1. You are looking for diverse career choices. As a pharmacist, you will have a variety of choices to choose a path that works best for you. Research, clinical, retail, and more, you will have the flexibility to advance and excel in the specific areas that peak your interests.
  2. You want to help people get well.AHSPharmstaffPharmacistJob Pharmacists play an instrumental role in improving health of patients and getting them feeling back to normal as quickly as possible. You will be able to learn to work with prescribers to determine the best drug (or non-drug) therapy for a patient’s illness, age, gender, health history, etc. You will screen patients for drug allergies and adverse drug effects. You will help choose the best medications and help to avoid any side effects a personal may face. There are many roles a pharmacists takes on to ensure people get well.
  3. You want flexibility in your schedule. Since there are so many diverse career options available to you, it is easy to find a work-life balance that suits your needs. Pharmacists are demanded around the clock! This makes it easy to work second shift, weekend, part time, or temp hours that are better for your schedule. Do you prefer the normal working day from 9am-5pm? Check out jobs in the clerical or research setting.
  4. You need job growth availability. In Forbes article, it stated the number of pharmacy jobs is expected to increase 14% by 2022. Whether you are in pharmacy school or already working in the profession, this is great news for you!
  5. You need a big pay check. According to Forbes, the average salary for a pharmacy is $116,700. There is plenty of career advancements and room to grow in this field as well. Money shouldn’t be the end goal in life, but it is a nice salary to receive. Most professions do not call for graduates right out of college to make over $100,000.
  6. You want a trusted and respected profession. Pharmacists are always ranked as some of the most highly trusted working professionals. They play an important role in health-related services and so many people will turn to you for advice on their health needs.
The only person who can determine what job is right for them, is themselves. You can to determine what type of life and career you want to have. We encourage you to look into pharmacy because we truly believe it will bring joy into your life! We would be honored to help you find the perfect fit and make your pharmacist dream a reality.