Pharmacy jobs for graudates  Cardinal Health on Friday announced a new pharmacy college scholarship program, making $1.1 million in scholarship funds available to 13 pharmacy schools. Recipient schools will be endowed with scholarship funding ranging from $50,000 to $125,000.

Five-of-the-13 pharmacy schools that received funding were selected because of their commitment to advancing the independent pharmacy profession. These schools offer curricula focused on operating an independent pharmacy, support student-run chapters of the National Community Pharmacists Association, endorse internship and co-op programs with local independent retail pharmacies, and demonstrate high post-graduate placement rates in community pharmacy settings.

Several of the selected pharmacy schools were chosen because of their strong nuclear pharmacy programs, while others were picked because of their strong hospital pharmacy programs.

“Cardinal Health serves more than 7,000 community pharmacists across the country, and we’re one of the nation’s largest employers of nuclear and hospital pharmacists,” stated Mike Kaufmann, CEO of Cardinal Health’s pharmaceutical segment. “We passionately believe in the essential role pharmacists play in making sure patients receive safe, high-quality health care. That’s why we’re proud to partner with some of our nation’s best universities to invest in developing tomorrow’s pharmacy leaders.”

To view schools receiving scholarship funding in Cardinal Health’s Pharmacy Scholarship Program, click here