Hiring the best employees for your pharmacy is one of the most important skills that you use to keep your pharmacy in business and running at its top performance. It can be difficult to find the “right-fit” employee. Are they hard working? Do they have growth potential” Do they fit in with current employees and the culture of your company? There are a lot of factors at play. Here are some ideas on how to hire the best pharmacy staff:
  1. Recruit Even when you are not currently hiring, you should be looking for your next employee. This way you can search long and hard without having time be a factor. Use schools, certificate programs, associations, online forums, and even current employees as a referral source.
  2. Job Role Make sure you are clearly defining the job role so the prospective employee completely understands their responsibility and is on the same page with you as far as what is expected of them.
  3. Interview ProcessAHSPharmStatRightFit First, make sure you have an efficient interviewing process. If you realize early on a candidate is not the right fit, kindly dismiss them so you do not waste their time, or your own, continuing on in the interview process. It is common to perform a phone interview, an in person interview, and once you determine they are a good fit go ahead and verify their references.
  4. Make a Difference Do not hire someone to simply fill a role at the pharmacy. View an open position as an opportunity to make a difference for your pharmacy, and hire accordingly.
Right fit employees will improve the overall environment and culture of your pharmacy. It may be an in depth process sometimes, but it will be well worth it for the success of your business.