The first day at a new job is stressful enough. Everything is completely new and everything you do is for the first time at this place. Here is a list of simple "no-no's" to guide you through your first day.AHSRenalStatJob 1. Be late. Under no circumstance do you want to be a late on your first day. Even your first week! If you set out for your first day with just enough time to get there, something will inevitably happen. Plan on being 15 minutes early. 2. Forget your paperwork. HR will be ready to hand you piles of paperwork to fill out for your first day. They will need to make copies and you will make their job 10 times easier if you have everything you need ready to go. It may help to set the things to bring to work aside the day before. 3. Stray from the dress code. You need to follow their dress code rules more conservatively on your first day than any other, because you are showing them that you respect their business and the position they have given you within it. 4. Forget to notes. Take as many notes as you like on anything that you would like to remember, no one is grading them. This is for your own benefit because remembering as much as possible, without having to ask again later, is going to make you more professional from the start. 5. Text. Do not sit on your phone and type the day away. It is rude, unprofessional, and makes you appear uninterested and unwilling to learn. It is extremely rude and could possibly cause you to get into trouble. Just put the phone away for the day and really take in all the new information around you. The first day is a little intimidating but everyone knows that and agrees. Everyone else had a first day once too. Just stay calm and remember to stay professional. You can do this! If you want more information, just ask us!