Permanent Pharmacy Jobs

Pharmacy Staffing Agency - Is it right for you?

The alternative to conducting your own search for pharmacists is to use a staffing agency.  There are many benefits to searching with the help of an agency and many employers would not even consider other options.  Do the benefits of the agency equal the cost of your time and money spent doing the search yourself?   (Hint: In almost every case, the answer is yes!)

Step by Step Expertise.
  From start to finish an experienced placement agent can guide you through the hiring process.  Chances are they have placed similar pharmacist or pharmacy technicians in other settings very much like yours.  They will know to bring up all of the important details concerning the position, type of personality, and work environment that make a successful placement.  So the beginning or planning phase of your hiring process requires only your response to standard questions an agency knows to ask.  As you continue through the steps to find the "perfect fit" the agency will have suggestions pertaining to your situation that should save time and make your part very simple.  Likewise, the agency will do all of the legwork, compiling the paperwork, screening the candidates thoroughly, and coordinating telephone and in-person interview schedules.  They are also the perfect “buffer” in sensitive discussions between the employer and potential employees.  They can be impartial and very candid with questions about personal items and salary negotiations, helping get to the point right away.

Reach.  The staffing agency has its greatest advantage over the individual when it comes to reaching top candidates.  Most agencies market to candidates 24/7 in various publications, by constant referrals, and other advertising and social media, resulting in a tremendous pool of applicants in an ever-expanding database.  The individual performing a one time search is limited to the area and time where they are searching, and will not know about the many candidates available elsewhere.  This reason alone is the basis for the agency fee.  The company’s overhead is based on the continual updating and searching for qualified candidates to be on “standby” for the employer with specific requirements.  So a client is really not paying for the hours it takes to handle their one placement, but for the cost of keeping an “inventory” of candidates.  The other, less tangible factor of a great candidate database is knowledge of "problem candidates".  Agents who have been in the business for a number of years will encounter and deal with applicants who look good on paper, but exhibit behaviors WAY out of line with the profession.  If someone's file is known to be fraudulent, or they had a recent problem at a job, there is a good chance that an agency was involved. You WANT this information network working for you.

Screening Experience. The staffing agency's second function is screening the applicants they attract.  Every day resumes and profiles reach the desk of a placement agent and have to be reviewed for their potential success in a new position.  This is where the most time savings are offered to the client.  Extensive files are created on each qualified applicant, preliminary interviews are done and strengths and weaknesses assessed to determine where they will be a good match.  An agency will present a client with only the applicants they know are a fit for the position requirements.  Doing so allows an employer to skip the entire preliminary review process of the random resumes they would find advertising a position on their own.  They need only be concerned with identifying the strongest applicant among the few carefully matched profiles from the staffing agency.  Also because the agency is continually interviewing, checking references, and compiling documents, the time from start to finish on a top-level hire is greatly reduced.

Final Step:  Now it is time to make a decision and hire for the open pharmacist position.  Since the staffing agency has done all the upfront legwork, all you have to do is schedule a phone or in-person interview and make the final decision.  You have saved time, resources, and money by cutting out all the initial steps in the hiring process.  And if your pharmacist or pharmacy technician is working a relief or long-term assignment, it gives you the opportunity to evaluate them for future permanent employment prior to making that commitment. 

Staffing Agency:  AHS PharmStat is a full service staffing firm linking pharmacists to pharmacies in retail, clinic and hospital settings across America. We know that pharmacies need to open regularly to keep up with the needs of patients and not everyday is an ideal one. Having a reliable staffing agency to help fill empty positions is critical for business.  We have a diverse talent pool of pharmacists available to work so we can help fill even some of the most difficult positions possible. We pride ourselves on client satisfaction so if you have any questions and want to know more about how we do business contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

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