We work with all types of pharmacies, from large chain with 100's of location to the single store independent. Their business models may be different, their approach to care patient care may even be different. One thing that is always the same at every pharmacy that we work with is that they want great employees. They want the best of the best! Since NCPA is wrapped up their annual convention in Washington DC., This week we are going to spend a few minutes and discuss the independent community pharmacy. Independent pharmacy owners face a number of obstacles that most business owners do not. In addition to dealing with accounting, marketing, inventory, Government regulations, continued education, they also have to deal with negative drug reimbursements. The following is an excerpt from the National Community Pharmacist Association's blog, The Dose. "Hoey acknowledged pressing contemporary problems that threaten the viability of independent community pharmacies and undermine their ability to care for patients. Exclusionary preferred pharmacy networks and other patient steering. Below-cost reimbursement for MAC'd generic drugs. DIR fees that reduce and distort the pharmacy's net revenue for filling prescriptions. And seemingly endless consolidation among health care payers. NCPA will continue to address these problems, he committed." Our hope and goal here at AHS Pharmstat is to help reduce the work load for the independent community pharmacy owners by finding them the highest quality staff available. These men and women dedicate themselves to providing the highest level of care for their patients that they are willing to take a loss when filling a prescription. The least we can do is use our "head hunting" experience to take a load off their shoulders. If you need or may need help staffing your pharmacy with temp, temp to hire, or relief employees please reach out and let us do all the hard work of finding high quality employees! Give us a call at 1-877-309-3546 or send us an email at information@ahspharmstat.com Pharmacist Career Pharmacy job Hiring