Why You Need Relief! Ever receive a call in the early morning hours from an employee saying they can’t be at work, because they are sick? Or found yourself scrambling to cover the weeks an employee is on maternity leave? Chances are you probably have. Every pharmacy needs a game plan for what to do when the unexpected happens. Here is why your business needs relief, support staff relief, that is! Because Life Happens One constant in pharmacy staffing is the old saying, “Life happens,” and it certainly does. An employee may need time off for a death in the family. Another may havePharmacists jobs Relief training they need to attend in order to continue providing high quality service. Whatever the reason, you can’t plan for every event. You can, however, take the guess work out of how to fill staffing holes by securing the services of relief support. Having a plan in place before a staffing event is essential. Because You Need Consistency Your business has standards, and you need those standards to remain in place, whatever the staffing issue. While planning for relief support, look for a staffing agency that insures appropriately trained staff, and high-quality customer service. Consistency is key for your pharmacy. Look for a staffing agency whose company values and training mirror that of your own organization. This helps maintain the excellent service your customers expect. Because Customers Depend on You Maybe it’s the dad who’s been up all night with the sick baby, or the elderly woman who has questions about her medication. Both of these customers depend on your staff to take care of their needs. They want to know each time they come in, they will be able to talk with compassionate and caring staff members. The consistency in that type of service builds customer satisfaction and loyalty. The Takeaway As you plan for relief support, keep all of these things in mind. Taking preemptive action, before staffing issues occur, can help you avoid the staffing scramble. It also insures your pharmacy is always operating at its best, and continually exceeding your customer’s expectations.