Don’t Get Scrooged: Staffing for the Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, now is the time to think about staffing for vacations. From November through January, multiple holidays are observed, and employees want to plan time with family and friends.Pharmacy Staffing and Jobs Help your business and employees both, by following these tips!

Plan Early

Early preparation alleviates the headache of last minute scheduling changes and helps employees plan ahead. Starting in early November allows ample time for your staff to coordinate their work schedule around family events and obligations. As you begin your early holiday schedule prep, think about:
  • Dates the pharmacy will be closed or have reduced hours
  • Appropriate minimum staffing levels
  • Employee expectations based upon the previous year’s schedule

Set the Standard

In regards to scheduling, one of the most important things to do is set the standard. Staff should know the exact procedures for requesting time off. There should also be a procedure in place for making any changes to the holiday schedule. When setting the standard, ask yourself:
  • Is there a clear procedure for requesting time off?
  • How can I communicate this effectively to staff?
  • Is there a fair method for requesting and determining who get days off and when?
  • If there is a scheduling conflict, who can make changes to the schedule?

Get Creative

Understand that even the most meticulous schedule is subject to change. Life happens, especially around the holidays. When the unexpected comes up, be willing to think outside the box in order to meet your organization’s needs. If you find yourself short staffed, consider these things:
  • Is there a list of employees willing to work overtime?
  • Would seasonal or temporary employees reduce some of the scheduling conflicts?
  • Could staff members trade shifts after notifying a supervisor?
Being willing to get creative opens a range of staffing solutions. Have employees contribute their thoughts on how to maintain holiday staffing. You’ll probably hear some excellent ideas!

The Total Package

The holidays can be a busy time for your business and staff. Planning accordingly insures your business maintains the quality service your customers expect. By planning early, setting the standard, and getting creative, you prove that you not only value your business, but your employee’s time as well. If you need some extra help please just send us a quick email