Are you a "Difference Maker"?

I have two books that I reference quite often when I speak to individuals or groups about my own successes in business.  The first is The Difference Maker, Making Your Attitude Your Greatest Asset by John Maxwell.  The title alone gives you the call to action, let your attitude be such that you can make a difference in your life and those around you.  Pretty simple concept that seems very difficult for most people to implement.  The second book, actually more of a short story, is one of my all time favorites.  If you have read or heard the story of Johnny The Bagger by Barbara Gantz (, you may have been inspired to become a difference maker.  In summary, a teenage boy with Down syndrome decides to make his attitude his greatest asset and it becomes infectious.  His inspiring notes left in the grocery bags of his customers change the culture of an entire company. 

How often do we have the chance in the pharmacy world to impact those around us?  Daily?  Every minute?  I'd offer that the "chance" happens more often than we know but we simply don't recognize those opportunities because of the busy schedule, the phone ringing, basically the ever present demands of the job and of life.  However, I'm reminded once in a while that there are difference makers still out there.  Here's a testimonial I received today about a difference maker.

"Everyone is always quick to complain but hardly ever give compliments. I would like to make a compliment. On Tuesday we had a relief agency pharmacist by the name of Mike.  According to the technician, he was the best relief agency pharmacists she has ever worked with. She said he jumped right in filling scripts and did everything that needed to be done (including even helping put labels on order items and filling the bins). This is a nice change from many past relief agency pharmacists that would only check final product and refused to do anything else but that leaving everything to the one technician here. I recommend if you ever have any say in which pharmacist to get from the relief agency to request for him."

Way to go Mike!  You're a difference maker!  The simple fact that the client took the time to share the compliment is testimonial enough but to have a pharmacy technician give such accolades is phenomenal.  I wasn't in that pharmacy on that day and I haven't had the pleasure of working beside Mike but my pride swells when I hear this.  Not just because we placed Mike in that pharmacy for that relief shift but because Mike decided to make his attitude his greatest asset and people still appreciate that level of service and commitment.   

Charge ON!

Jerick Henley
AHS PharmStat