Generations in the Workplace: Millenials | Part 1 of 3AHS Pharmacy Staffing Jobs Millennials at Work This three-part series discusses current generations in the workplace. Over the next few weeks, we will take a look at each generation and what they bring to the table. Read on for more information! They are young, tech-savvy, and highly educated. They are the Millennials, and chances are, you’ve heard a thing or two about them. Currently making up just over a third of the U.S. workforce, they are quickly edging out Generation X by sheer number. The Millennial generation is often defined as individuals born in the early 1980’s to the early 2000’s. They grew up with computers in their home, instantaneous news, and the belief they can do anything. As a large workforce cohort, they bring advantages and challenges to the workplace. Here are a few things to know. What They Value
  • Millennials desire to do work that matters. This generation really wants to change the world. Because of their innovation and strong belief in self, they are unafraid to challenge status quo, and look for ways to make an impact in organizations.
  • This generation desires strong interpersonal connection. They are NOT loyal to organizations, but they are very loyal to those with whom they’ve built relationships.
  • They desire collaboration in the workplace. They believe everyone’s ideas should be heard and valued. Authoritative leadership styles are not effective when leading Millennials.
What This Means for Business In order to attract and retain Millennials, organizations must be able to highlight the ways they impact their customers and community. Employee engagement activities benefiting non-profits or other community programs, are especially helpful in aligning with Millennials personal values. Because of their strong desire for personal relationship, creating opportunities for Millennials to pair up with more senior employees and build connection is essential. Maybe it’s creating small groups during training, or starting a generational partnership program at work. Since Millennials also want to make change and feel heard at work, providing opportunities for them achieve more responsibility in a timely manner is key. This can be done by allowing them opportunities to lead, when it’s appropriate. As they progress, increasing their responsibilities and visibility is vital for continued engagement. The Wrap Up Every generation brings unique attributes to the workplace. The key is helping employees align their personal values and goals with the organization’s values and goals. When we create engaging opportunities that allow employees to do their best work, we build stronger and more meaningful organizations.