Attention: Great Communicators Wanted! You don’t have to be in business long to understand the power of good communication. Trust between a pharmacy and its customers is built on effective communication.Business Communication However, often times during the hiring process, this essential skill is undervalued or overlooked altogether. Here are a few ways you can hire great communicators. Work History Looking at a resume is one thing, but as you search for that perfect candidate, view the resume through a different lens. Ask yourself questions, such as:
  • Did their previous employment give them opportunity to build effective customer service skills?
  • What communication conflicts may have arisen at past jobs?
  • Do they have experience communicating with diverse people from different backgrounds?
Communication Conflict and Resolution Once you’ve identified a potential candidate and bring them in for an interview, this is a great opportunity to let them illustrate their communication abilities. Questions to ask should include:
  • Tell me about a previous conflict at work and how you used communication to find a resolution?
  • What is your communication style?
  • How is listening an important part of communication in customer service?
Scenarios Finally, during the interview, give the candidate a scenario to work through. Your scenario should involve a common problem, like a customer complaint, they might encounter at your business. Give them the scenario, and then ask them to explain what they would do to handle it. As they answer, keep these things in mind.
  • Did they try to gather all of the facts of incident?
  • Did they appear calm and professional in their response?
  • Were they willing to see the situation from multiple perspectives?
  • Did they express willingness to listen to people involved in the conflict?
  • Did they rush to judgement?
  • Were they respectful in their answer?
There is no perfect solution for hiring great communicators. But, effective communication is a cornerstone of customer care. So it must be a focus during the hiring process. Great communication is not just one of many soft skills good employees possess. It is the soft skill that insures your customers are getting the best service.