Relief Pharmacist - Travel - Permanent Pharmacist

Retail Pharmacists are a precious commodity today and are too often over-worked and under-appreciated. Staff Pharmacists constantly complain about not getting the time off that they need for their families and personal affairs and more and more are opting for a different way of life. Imagine being able to work one week and be off the next, or work just in December for some extra Holiday income. Perhaps you are a homemaker and want to work one day a week to keep your pharmaceutical skills up to date. Well those things are possible with us! We have no contracts that coerce you in to committing to a certain number of hours, or traveling to places that you don't want to go to, nor do we have any contracts preventing you from working with other agencies. The only thing you need to do is sign up. Whether you want temporary/relief work, a part-time position, a permanent position, or prefer local or travel assignments, AHS PharmStat will work to connect you with the perfect placement for your lifestyle. We have placements all over the United States and are quickly gaining more positions to fill. What this means is that with us, pharmacists get a better variety of pharmacy jobs to choose from; whether you're looking to work a relief position in Texas, permanent position in New York or emergency fill-ins in Florida. With AHS PharmStat we offer you more job opportunities, no matter where in America you are!  Give us a call 1-877-309-3546, or email us at:  We'd love to help you find the position you desire!