What Happens Next? We’ve spent considerable time the past few blogs covering the structure of your resume.PharmacyCareers-3 You worked and reworked your resume, tailoring it to your ideal job’s requirement list. Then when it was perfect, you pressed send. Now it’s in the email inbox of a hiring manager, just waiting to be seen. But, there is still more work for you to do! The next step is to make contact with the hiring manager. Unless the job announcement asks applicants to refrain from following up, call and make contact with the hiring manager within two or three days of sending your resume. Here are some helpful hints for making it a call to remember.
  • Get the manager’s name, not just their title. Addressing the person by name shows you’re thoughtful and pay attention. Small efforts like this can leave a lasting impression.
  • Be concise. Tell them your name, the position you’re applying for, and when you emailed your resume. Write down important information about the job before the call, so you have a few things to refer to during the conversation.
  • Stay positive! Sound enthusiastic and eager to work. If the manager is willing to speak longer, follow his or her cues. Listen to the questions. Answer them fully and concisely. Don’t say anything negative. Once the conversation is over, be certain to thank the manager for their time.
  • After the phone call, research the company further. Try to learn a bit about its history, mission, future plans, and social media presence. All of this knowledge will be extremely helpful if you’re called for an interview.
Once you’ve completed these steps, the ball is truly in their court. Instead of waiting on one company to call, keep putting in your resume and following up with other jobs at the same time. Most importantly, stay positive and focused on your goal. With hard work, you’re sure to land the perfect job!