When the right people work together to build a business, winning is inevitable. Each employee plays an important role inahspharmstat the continued health of a successful work environment. During the hiring process, managers can insure they are building a four-star team by looking for a few key behavioral traits in candidates. So, what is a four-star candidate? They are people at the top of their field. They are knowledgeable, eager, ready to be challenged, smart, and driven to learn. Imagine the kind of service your pharmacy could provide with an entire staff of four-star team members! Here are the 3 behavior traits, four-star team members possess. Attitude The truism, “attitude is everything,” is a recipe for quality service, staff retention, and repeat business. People spend a great deal of time at work, and desire to make the time they spend at work count. When people with positive attitudes work together, challenging each other to achieve optimum performance, work becomes enjoyable. All of this leads to positive attitudes, respect, and renewed energy for further success. Customers appreciate the healthy environment created by this alignment. Attitude is truly contagious. Loyalty Top candidates placed in their optimal job positions feel a strong sense of personal contentment, which drives loyalty for their company. But, a key for employee retention is not just putting the right people in the right spot, but also allowing them opportunities to grow. This may be providing opportunities for additional training, helping your team set individual and team goals, or encouraging them to improve an area of the business. Increased employee engagement leads to greater job satisfaction and loyalty. Trust High energy, high performing individuals working in synch create a powerful alignment and focus in a business. When each person listens to other team members with respect and thoughtfulness, the whole team has the opportunity to succeed. An environment of trust leads to creative problem-solving, and generates an increased sense of ownership by the team. This builds business success that both management and employees can rely upon. Subsequently, a four-star team builds trust not only between the staff members, but also with the customer, the ultimate beneficiary of a superior staff. Pharmacist Career Pharmacy job Hiring