Crafting a resume is tedious but key to being asked to a job interview. If you’ve found the ideal place to hang your hat, take the time to perfect your resume in such a way that your prospective employer will call you first.What Does Your Resumé Say? 1. Use Power Words

Key phrases from the job description itself will give you an advantage: seek them out. These are the competencies employers are seeking.

If you have specific skills, make sure to include those in your own skills inventory. Aligning your resume with the competencies and skills in the job description will allow a hiring manager to quickly assess your qualifications for the job.

2. Use a Cover Letter

Use the cover letter as a great hook. Briefly introduce yourself.

Why are you the best candidate for the job? What makes you stand out? You have a few sentences; use them wisely. There are great cover letter templates online. Check them out. Use the best ideas, and get yourself noticed. 3. Be Concise

Consolidate your resume onto one page, if possible. One page requires you avoid extra words and describe your abilities concisely. Having versatile skill sets and a lengthy job history might require two pages.

No need to mince words. Be brief. Remark on your experience boldly, and be able to discuss your resume at length during the interview. 4. Toot Your Own Horn

If you were the top seller, say so! If you developed a product or streamlined a process, put it on your resume. Whatever your top honors were at past jobs, list them.

Employers want to know they are hiring a highly skilled, high performer. Those honors didn’t come by being lazy. They required hard work and consistency, and new employers want to hire that kind of dedication.

The Wrap Use strong words, assertive phrases, and always tell the truth. Write clearly. Use the cover letter to showcase your personality and background. Be sure to highlight your wins in the resume. Then, prepare for the interviews to begin!

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