Every workplace has one: the team member who runs at top speed for hours without flagging in energy or spirit.AHSpharmstat_Difference

True, she can be a little annoying, but ever wonder why? Maybe it’s because you envy that zeal a little. Maybe it’s because she reminds you that you, too, wish to be passionate about work.

You work hard and want that time to be well spent, even exhausting and worthwhile. At the least, work hours should be engaging.

So, how do we become that person full of zeal and energy at work? How can we become a difference maker?

To figure that out, we have to know the characteristics of difference makers.

Here are things that make difference makers different.

1. Passion

Within us all lives childlike curiosity and passion. Difference makers tap into that wonder and explore questions like:

What gets me excited?

What inspires me?  

When am I at my best?

When do I feel the most connected to others?

They routinely look for opportunities to get involved with work and efforts they are passionate about. Then, they translate their passion into action.

Ask what makes you come alive and go do it.” - Howard Thurman

2. Perseverance

Difference makers move to the beat of an internal drum that never quits. They hit an obstacle: They find a way through. They think of new approaches and never stop.

That kind of perseverance often leads others to see difference makers as leaders.  They are the ones who can rally the team, even in the toughest situations.

3. Compassion

Finally, difference makers find ways to connect with people of all backgrounds and life experience.  They focus on what we have in common, instead of what separates us.

People often find these folks easy to speak with. Because of the way they build rapport with others, difference makers are often good at resolving conflict in the work place. They listen to understand all sides of a problem, and then work with the people involved to solve it.

Be that Difference Maker!

Anyone can be a difference maker. If you’re doing what you love, if you’re passionate and sincere, if you’re ready to lead and support your team, you can and will create positive change.

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