Spot the Difference They Make

In office environments, one motivated person has the power to change the dynamic of a whole room. Difference Makers set the mood.

Their strong personalities promote a higher level of function for the workplace, causing it to operate differently than others. In an office with a Difference Maker, routine procedure isn’t the same as it is for other crews.

Let’s talk about The Leader, the change maker, the office spirit. The Leader is a powerful personality that affects everyone else in such a way as to increase morale, ramp up office energy, and channel positive company performance. Today, let’s talk about that Difference Maker in the form of a Leader.

1. Leaders Ask for Input
Job leaders know that an office is a team. The players may have their own desk, own cubicle, own corner office, but each zone is part of the same game field. Effective leaders are willing to collaborate, and often ask the rest of her staff to provide input at team meetings or office gatherings. Ideas and insights are important for continued success and growth.

2. Leaders Reply with Care
Leaders who are making a difference will listen to suggestions and offer thoughtful responses after contemplating the ideas. They’ll answer in ways that are considerate and tactful. Leaders are careful to repeat what they heard, often rephrasing the suggestion in order to confirm what they heard, before mulling it over and considering their reply. Presenting ideas to the Leader is a collaborative effort, and when suggestions are given weight, merit, and respect flow.

3. Leaders Listen for Gossip
Leaders who light up an office, who radiate confidence, who earn loyalty and trust from their staff or co-workers, do not tolerate gossip or depreciation of any sort toward other staffers. They radiate positivity, thus creating a current of good vibrations that keep everyone in the crew inspired to do their best, stay uplifted, and work hard.

Good things happen when they erupt from strong, sturdy foundations. Be a leader, be collaborative, be a team player, work towards goals that inspires you. You’ll soon find you’re inspiring those around you!