The fourth crucial Difference Maker for a well-rounded, successful team is the Mediator. The mediator is the voice of reason, who can clear the air, cut to the chase, and negotiate for everyone involved.

Who doesn’t need an objective viewpoint, an umpire’s call after critical review? 

People’s opinions vary. Having an observer, someone highly respected, who can see both sides of any argument is essential for a work group. The Mediator is the difference between peace and ongoing tension.

The Mediator doesn’t play favorites. Instead, this spotlighted individual, is an appropriate third-party, highly valued for his or her opinion and perspective. 

Mediator Difference Maker

1. See the Big Picture.

Mediators are leaders who see all the elements of a project and know how to put them together. They see the bigger picture

People involved in any disagreement must appreciate the difficulties that often lie within the third party vantage point of the Mediator.

2. Review the Elements & Remember the Desired Goal.

Any team of employees on a project has great ideas and not-so-great ideas. The difference making Mediator can cobble them all together, mull them over, and sort through the data to create a strong plan for forward motion.

3. Tactfully Declare How to Proceed.

The Mediator understands and values each team member. So, when solving problems, they take other’s opinions and feelings into account.

They seek to resolve conflict by creating buy-in for all involved. They often read body language well, and are perceptive to small details that others may miss.

Mediators are great advisers. Leaders are well-served when they listen to the counsel of their team’s Mediator.

Every great team needs a Mediator, who can give crucial advice. They provide information based on facts and forward projections, keeping the dynamics of the team and business in mind.

They are a critical element to any organization.

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