Empaths are people defined as “naturally giving, and good listeners.” Every office needs one. The Empath is the final piece of our team of Difference Makers.

Looking back, that team needs to be equipped with a proven leader, a confident salesman, a gung-ho cheerleader, an impartial umpire, an unstoppable artist, and finally, a sympathetic ear. The empathetic person, whose greatest job is gluing the team together; knitting it into a woven, cohesive group.

You can often find a frazzled employee in quiet conference with this key difference maker. The one who does not judge, but listens intently. 

An Empath uses their acute listening skills to encourage, strengthen, and renew.

Empaths are folks who remember a team member’s birthday. They are the ones who buy the card that gets passed around the office to be signed by everyone in response to life’s occasions, good and bad. 

They bake cakes. They provide tissues. They cover in emergencies.

They are the heart of a great team.
Empathetic people remind the team of its goals, and after the struggle, encourage the group to celebrate. Their enthusiasm keeps the team motivated to move forward by reflecting on a job well done. 
The Empath reminds the team to look at the quality of the journey.

Difference Makers are often born with specific tendencies, but allow life experiences to shape them into their best selves. It requires dedication and strength of character to stay the course, maintain focus, be part of successes and failures, and keep the team moving forward.

Do you have what you need to be a Difference Maker? Do you have a brilliant idea you need to see showcased? Can you manage a group to execute your ideas? 

Are you best in an officiant role, playing both sides for the middle in order to land on the best plan forward? Are your talents best displayed at the front of the pack? Or, are you naturally gifted with interpersonal relationships, helping, guiding, challenging and cheerleading? 

No matter what your role in a team, know your talents. Be confident in them. Then, grow those talents. You’ll be well on your way to success.

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