You Can Offer More

You’re newly graduated! You’ve achieved success in school, and now you’re ready to hit the streets running.

How prepared are you emotionally for the work day world? Why does that matter so much?

It’s all about your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) rather than Intelligence Quotient(IQ). High numbers in brain power do not always convey the ability to deal with people, whether they be clients or co-workers.

How you handle tough situations, how you respond to critique, how you work with others; these situations are often as important as grades and degrees.

Emotional intelligence is what employers are looking for when you come in for that all-important interview. Here’s why.

1. EQ Equals Equilibrium

Those with high EQ have been found to be empathetic to both clients and team members. They have intuitive abilities that lead to strong personal understanding of what drives others, what motivates, and what weighs heavily on them. 

Plus, high EQ folks seem to be more self-aware, wary of confrontation, tactful and thoughtful before reacting under high stress.

2. High EQ Means Cooperation

If you have a high EQ value, you can work more comfortably in a team. Your understanding of others’ varied personalities allows you to think as they do, see their viewpoints, and understand situations fully.

3. Big EQ Leads to Calm Conclusions

One of the most valued results of folks with high EQ is the cool, collected demeanor of those employees. 

An example: High EQ salespersons are often better able to determine when to stop selling and start listening. Their intuitive natures highly value compassion and comfort. So, they often work more congenially with potential clients, whether the sale happens or not. 

High EQ folks are able to forge relationships that last.
All in all, employers seek employees who can handle pressure, analyze situations quickly, and make positive decisions.

Examine the persona you present to others. Consider your interactive abilities when applying for work. 

Do you have the skill set to interact daily, or are you more content working alone? Are you comfortable in high intensity environments, or do you prefer casual, low-key offices? 

Personality, intelligence, camaraderie, and interpersonal savvy, all are important in the workplace. Take some time for self-reflection. Evaluate your EQ, and set goals for improvement. Your work will certainly pay off.

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