The Choice Between Independents and Corporations

Job seeking is tough. In the pharmaceutical world, options include big name companies and small-town independent markets? So, which one is best?

Go Big

Brand recognition is paramount to successful business. Big companies mass advertising resources enable them to be so familiar they get first consideration by patients who need medication.

Plus, large companies have resources for attracting highly skilled professionals. These resources allow chain pharmacies the ability to offer potential employees more options in hiring packages.

Location can also be an added benefit of working for a corporate pharmacy. Since they are often located in highly populated areas, their pharmacists benefit from not only higher salaries and better benefit packages, but also the amenities associated with urban areas.

Here are further reasons for looking into the world of large pharmacies.

Go Hometown

Independent pharmacies offer lower waiting times for customers. With less clientele, fewer prescriptions are filled in the store every day.

These pharmacies often offer more personalized service due to the smaller population being served. Patient histories, their current medications, and even their doctors, are all known to the local pharmacist. Everyone likes to be remembered.

Pharmacists and their staff become integral, trusted members of their communities.

Independent pharmacies help support the local economy with both jobs and resources. Communities that are home to independent pharmacies benefit from the sales at that business. Greater percentages of their income stay within town, while large pharmacies are often owned by groups in other states taking their share from afar.

Burgeoning new tele-pharmacy options can aid small town pharmacies that cannot afford certified pharmacists and are instead manned by certified technicians. Click here for 10 more reasons to check into independent pharmacy staffing.

Yes, job hunting is hard. Know your options, but know your personal needs before considering where to apply, which offer to take, and what your life requires. Do you want an urban life or prefer a prairie view? What are your finances? What salary do you need? What benefits do you require? Are you ready to work with a large team or do you like a smaller staff? Knowing what you want is half the battle of job placement: What the company needs, that’s the other half.

Put you first and whatever pharmacy hires you will reap the benefit.