Technically Speaking

In the past, job seekers were asked to use paper and pen, fill out long applications listing every job in the last ten years, and questions like, “Do you own or rent?”

Now to apply for a job, applicants must have working knowledge of computers, apps, and online job boards.

Gone are the pencil-to-paper testing procedures. Today it’s online inquiry, faceless form-filling, and instantaneous non-replies. Because technology surrounding job hunting is rapidly advancing, those wishing to land a new career need to be tech savvy.

When applying through an online portal, it’s not uncommon to wonder: Will the application really reach a person? How many other people are applying for this job? If I’m not selected, will I hear back? Many large companies, now require submittal of applications and resumes online. Phone interviews, Skype interviews, and subsequent testing may all be done before an in-person interview is even considered.

However, there is a way through the Cloud-centric career jungle. Always follow through with the application process per the employer’s instructions. Every company has different processes. Make the hiring manager’s job easier, by following the posted instructions for applying.

Research the company. What have they done of note? How does their mission align with your own values? What skill sets will you bring to their organization? How will you add value? Make sure to address some of these in your cover letter.

Remember, once you submit your resume and application, follow up. Reach out by email to the hiring manager after giving them time to review your resume. For more information on how to follow up, check out this LinkedIn article.

Remember, if you want the job, pursue it. Thorough job hunting is work. Online job boards provide visibility for jobs like never before. Expect that hundreds of people will be applying for the same positions you are.

Be diligent and thorough. Follow up, and then continue to apply for jobs that match your skill set. You’ll soon be on a new adventure in your career journey.