Everyone makes mistakes, right? That saying doesn’t discriminate against any kind of job title or position. We are all human and we all make mistakes sometimes. When your child makes a mistake, it’s easy to point it out because you are the parent and, most importantly, the boss. But what do you do when your superior makes an error that is important or even life threatening? There is a right and wrong way to approach this kind of situation, so here are some tips on what you should and should not do as a Pharmacy Tech. 

Pose the Issue in Question Form

The mistake you found may not actually be a mistake in the end. To avoid that awkward and possibly offensive encounter, ask the Pharmacist a question about the mistake first. This will cause him/her to clarify their reasoning and either a) answer your question and solve the problem or b) make them realize there was a mistake in the first place without you being the one to directly point it out. 

Ask Coworkers for Second Opinion 

If you are still unsure about the answer you received from your superior, get the input of your coworkers. Be careful when you do this, though, and do not disrespect your authority. Casually bring it up in conversation when the Pharmacist is not in earshot and see what they think. This could resolve your concern or confirm your thoughts that it was an error. It might help you in the long run to have some backup if the issue needed to be discussed with the Pharmacist. 

Choose the Right Setting

If there is an issue that you need to bring to the Pharmacist’s attention, make sure you are doing it at the right time and in the right place. If the Pharmacy is especially busy or if there are people near you, wait until you have some down time to speak with the Pharmacist alone. That will eliminate any kind of feeling of embarrassment for both parties.

Overall, it’s important to stand your ground if there is an issue, no matter who it came from but there’s always a respectful way to do so. By keeping your composure and making sure all of the bases are covered before you approach the issue, you will gain the respect of your superior and solve the problem as quickly as possible.