How to make your pharmacy stand out from the rest

Whether you’re a large pharmacy or a family-owned independent pharmacy, it’s important to stand out from your competitors. How do you do this, you ask? The answer isn’t simple but there are many creative things you can implement to help you connect with your customers and get them talking about your customer service. 

1. Convenience

If you do not have a drive through window, there are other things you can do to help your customers with convenience! One way is “Honk & Holler.” This is where you patients park near the entrance, honk their horn and a free pharmacy technician brings out the medicine right to their car! This is great for elderly patients or when it’s gross and rainy outside and no one wants to get out of their car. Even though this causes extra work for you, your pharmacy will stand out to those customers and they will choose you over the competitors! 

2. Local Goods

As insurance reimbursements are changing, a lot of pharmacies have looked to storefront sales to help income. This can pay off greatly! A special way to do this and gain the trust of your patients is to find local shops or retailers who are looking to place their products and use them instead of only large chain suppliers. When you support local business, local business will support you back! 

3. Contests

Everyone loves to win something! You can hold contests on your social media or in store for things like gift cards, coupons, etc. Put out a large fishbowl on your counter and allow each patient to enter once every time they come in and after a few weeks, do a drawing! This will get people coming into your store more frequently and will make your patients feel appreciated and excited.

4. Community Involvement

One great way to build rapport and trust with your patients is to support your community! Whether you buy an ad in your local high school sports program or start a donation box to take to people who truly need it, your patients will see you making a direct impact in the community and will choose you over other pharmacies. Another way to do this is to talk and team up with the businesses around you. If you have a pizza parlor near you, go visit and talk with them! See if you can set up some kind of deal where you have free pizza at the pharmacy in exchange for a flyer for your pharmacy at their place. Figure something out that benefits both of you. 

These aren’t the only things you can do to stand out, but it’s a start! Start thinking of things you would enjoy having a business do for you and go from there. Having a competitive advantage in this industry will help you go far. If you are looking for highly trained employees to help you grow the popularity of your pharmacy, contact AHS PharmStat today!