Most people think that all a pharmacist does is fill and refill prescriptions. Even though, as a pharmacist, you know that's absolutely WRONG, how do you go about showing your patients that you are much more? Here are some different practices to incorporate into your pharmacy:

1) Medication Therapy Management

If your pharmacy doesn't actively do this, you need to! Constantly be talking to your patients and asking them if they have any questions. And no, I'm not talking about the standard "Do you have any questions for the pharmacist?" That's not going to cut it. Even though this takes a little extra time, you will earn your patients trust and could potentially save them from having a drug interaction. 

2) Veterinary Pharmacy

Have you ever looked into Veterinary Pharmacy? If you work at a compounding pharmacy, you have the option to explore helping your patients with their pets needs, as well. From medicine in treat form to creating a suspension from crushed tablets, this is a great added service to any compounding pharmacy. People love their animals, and if you can help them both, they will love it.

3) Go Above and Beyond

Make small talk, write notes about your patients, and do whatever it takes to make a personal connection with them. Don't be one of those big chain pharmacies where every patient is nothing more than a number. When you go out of your way, your patients will notice and they will talk to their friends and that only means more business through your doors! 

Even though these 3 things seem small, they are ways you can provide added services to your patients. Nothing is more frustrating than going to the pharmacy and having stagnant interactions that feel impersonable. What do you do at your pharmacy to keep relationships with patients?