Independent pharmacies are constantly competing with big box store pharmacies and chains. This may seem like a disadvantage to work for someone who is always having to compete, but that's not the case! Small businesses have the upper hand in different ways. Here are 5 benefits of working for a small, independent pharmacy! 

1. Family-Like Culture

If you work for a pharmacy that is run by a large corporation, chances are it's going to feel that way. The turnover rate has a tendency to be higher, which can mean that you won't be able to bond with your coworkers or bosses like you would be able to in an independent setting. Most independent pharmacies are family owned, and that's exactly what you'll get when you work for them! They will treat you and consider you as family, which can bring up your morale and build your confidence in the pharmacy world.

2. Flexibility

Instead of having hours set by a large chain or corporation, the independent small pharmacies have the ability to set their own hours and work around anything that might come up for you. You will also most likely have more reliable hours because there will be less employees. This is a great option for employees with families, especially because independent pharmacies are rarely open 24 hours.

3. Work Task Variety

Working for a small business, you will have the opportunity to have your hand in a lot of different things. Rather than just assisting the pharmacist with a few simple tasks at a chain pharmacy, you will have more responsibility which can help switch up the daily tasks and make it less mundane feeling. This will also gain you a lot more experience and skills to add to your resume! 

4. Find Your Niche

In this smaller type of setting, you will have the chance to explore what parts of pharmacy you really enjoy, and hone your skills! For example, you could provide diabetic shoe fitting. Not only does this allow you to become the "expert" in this, but it's a great way to draw new customers in and make money. 

5. Community Reputation

Independent pharmacies are usually very well loved in communities. Adversely, the people see the chains as the enemy. People love to shop local, support their community and you should feel good being a part of that! 

There are many excellent opportunities any where you choose to work in the pharmacy world, but just because a pharmacy may be small, don't write it off! Have you ever worked at an independent pharmacy? We'd love to hear your story!