As a pharmacy, independent or chain, chances are that you have a lot of competition in your city. One of the ways you can make your pharmacy stand out above the rest is community involvement and engagement! What does that consist of and how do you accomplish that? Here are some ways to connect with the community! 

1. Support Local Businesses

Is there a delicious pizza shop by your store? What about an awesome gift store nearby? Give them a shout out on social media! If you want to take it a step further, go meet the owners and try to work some kind of deal! Maybe provide coupons and business cards in your store in return of leaving yours at theirs. Scratch someone's back and they'll most likely feel the need to scratch yours! 

2. Sponsorships

Local schools are a great way to build trust in a community! Give the high school or middle school a call and see what sponsorships are available. Put your pharmacy in a sports directory or sponsor a float in the homecoming parade. Not only is this great exposure, but you'll be supporting local education and the parents will love it!

3. Holiday Cheer

Whether it's Valentine's Day, Halloween or Christmas, do something for your community! Participate in trick or treating by handing out some healthier options than candy or have a fun little Valentine making party for the kids at your store front! Show your community you are there for more than just their medications. 

Get out there and be involved and it will benefit your business in more ways than just one!