Halloween is right around the corner! That means little children dressed up as ghosts, goblins and witches coming to raid the candy. But not so fast... doesn't it seem a little counter productive to be a pharmacy handing out candy that rots their teeth out? If your pharmacy participates in any type of Halloween event, you also know that you can't show up empty handed when the kids arrive! Here are some easy, and healthy, things to pass out to make the children's Halloween just as sweet! 

1. Cutie Oranges / Mandarin Oranges

2. Caramel Apples

3. Halloween or Fun Pencils

4. Mini Pumpkins

5. Sugar Free Gum

6. Halloween Toothbrushes

7. Bottled Water

8. Goldfish Crackers

9. Peanut Butter / Cheese Crackers

10. Plastic Toys / Spiders

Happy Halloween!