As a Pharmacist or Pharmacy technician, you know that most of your day is spent answering the phone while taking care of patients in person. It’s easy to feel frustrated and lose some of your pep when it’s busy, but being courteous on the phone leaves a lasting impression on your patients! Here are some ways to improve your phone etiquette!

Be Enthusiastic

Now, this doesn’t mean jump for joy and be overly happy and excited on every phone call. This means smile while you’re talking to them, because a smile can be heard in the inflection of your voice over the phone.

Ask To Put Them On Hold

Rather than saying, “Hi, this is ______ please hold,” try “Hi, this is _________ do you mind if I put you on hold?” This makes the patient feel more in control and will help them wait longer without getting frustrated.

Keep The Patient In The Loop

If you are looking for something or need a little more time to help a patient on the phone, simply pick the phone back up and check in with them. Telling them it will be a little longer but you are still working on it will help tithe them over and keep them happy!

Kill Them With Kindness

Having an upset patient on the phone is never a fun situation. It can be easy to give in and give them attitude back but that will only make things worse! Be as kind as you can and do as much as you can to help them and chances are they will feel bad for raising their voice at you and they will be nicer next time!

Did you learn some new phone tips you want to try? What’s your favorite way to handle phone calls?