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Darius Randeria, R.Ph ; M.R.P.S ; BPharm (London)
AHS PharmStat, Vice President, Staffing

Having been part of the Pharmacy staffing arena, both as an owner and a pharmacist and, dare I say, an advocate for the enhanced quality of life as a pharmacist, I felt compelled today to write a small story. One of the things that I love about my job as VP, Staffing is that I am able to interact with pharmacists from all over the country as they interview for relief positions at AHS PharmStat.

Having done this for 12 years, I had become accustomed to screening pharmacists who considered themselves very hot commodities. Some of them attempted to drive hard bargains and many wanted to be very specific about where they would work, when they would work and for whom they would work. I say this not to characterize them as “Difficult”, but rather to illustrate that they felt very comfortable being in the “Driver’s seat”, when it came to the requisition of their services. As I interviewed them, the pharmacist in me felt a kinship towards their position as a hot commodity.

Here we are two years on and we are in a very different situation. Pharmacists are having a hard time finding what they want and are often having to move, drive across town or take full-time jobs because they can not find enough relief hours to maintain themselves.

Staffing agencies are there to make money. They are brokers between clients who need a service and the end provider of that service. In the old days, we had a hard time finding enough pharmacists to cope with the orders but that has now shifted and we have a very large database of pharmacists looking for hours.

The reason that I am telling you this is that I want to illustrate a slight shift in the way that we characterize our business. Previously, it could be said that we were in the business of finding pharmacists so that our clients could keep their pharmacies going. Even though this is still absolutely our goal, we might also characterize our new focus as finding clients to keep our pharmacists going.

This is not a chicken and egg thing but it is an important shift. Having talked to so many pharmacists who have been looking for a full-time job or some relief hours without success, we, at AHS PharmStat, do feel a certain obligation to work as hard as possible to find new clients so that we can keep everyone as busy as possible.

When I started PharmStat in 2001, it was definitely with a goal of giving pharmacists their independence back. I loved stories of faraway travels, months abroad, extra time with family or caring for family.

I want you all to know that WE, at AHS PharmStat, care about our clients because they are our customers BUT, we also care about YOU, our pharmacists and we are doing everything we can to give you the maximum choice when you put on your pharmacy coat.

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