Ask your pharmacist

It may be a good idea to detoxify oneself when the body is full of impurities like skin infections, diseases and so on. 
This simply refers to giving up ills such as drinking and smoking, and giving up unhealthy eating like junk and fatty foods.

However, some people seem to have deciphered a different meaning of detoxification. They give up their long term medications in the ordeal, which might tend to have serious consequences. People suffering from diseases like diabetes, depression or asthma, tend to leave their medicines all of a sudden, what consequences can one expect?

It is important that people understand that skipping these medicine without asking their pharmacists or GPs is playing with one’s health and safety. It is essential that one maintains a healthy lifestyle for detoxification. There is absolutely no question of leaving these long term medicines on an impulsive decision.

One should always consult a pharmacist before taking such decisions. There are appeals being made by the NPA for the same cause. One should go to pharmacists and ask them about their queries and doubts, without any fear or perceptions, they are there to help.

“The benefits of a frank and full conversation with a pharmacist about your medicines can be enormous - you’ll get the most out of your medicine and you’re also less likely to suffer harm through inappropriate use”, revealed Leyla Hannbeck, from the National Pharmacy association.

It is the responsibility of the pharmacist to answer all the questions that the person might have, and they can provide help on any topics relating to the medicines one is purchasing from them.

They should speak frankly and openly for best results.