Pharmacy Staffing
Darius Randeria, R.Ph ; M.R.P.S ; BPharm (London)
AHS PharmStat, Vice President, Staffing

The other day I was working in the pharmacy when the tech came over and told me that there was a man that wanted to speak with me about his prescription. Here is the conversation

“Hi, Can I help you?”

“Yeah, Hi, I need your help. For the past 2 years, I’ve been getting my Lorcet Plus filled here and the last few times, I’ve been getting the wrong pills”.

“Really, well let me have a look at the medication that you’ve been getting…Aah, I see, for the last two months, we have been using a different generic manufacturer. However, rest assured, the white pills that you have been getting are equivalent to the green ones from before.

“No they’re not. I know they’re not. You see, I know the green ones were stronger because I’d get this feeling in the pit of my stomach like I was almost gonna puke and with these white ones, I don’t feel nothin’.”

“So let me understand, you are complaining because you want the green ones instead of the white ones?”


“The ones that make you feel like you are going to vomit?”