Keynote speaker Thomas Goetz tells pharmacists there’s ‘nobody better poised for the future’ “You are at the center of the future” of health care, Thomas Goetz, MPH, told the pharmacists and pharmacy professionals in attendance at the 2012 APhA Annual Meeting Opening General Session during his keynote address. Goetz, Executive Editor of WIRED magazine and author of The Decision Tree, delivered a speech titled “The Future of Personalized Medicine”—a future that’s already here, he noted. Goetz quoted author William Gibson’s observation that “the future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed” and predicted that the seeds of personalized medicine are already planted, they just need to grow. Capturing and using information will be the key to encouraging this growth, Goetz said. “Everything about us is data,” he explained, describing data as “the next huge breakthrough of health care.” Goetz added that the analysis of data “is an opportunity where it is essential to have pharmacists involved.” Overcoming our natural resistance to using this data is the tough part, Goetz said. This “friction” is where pharmacists can come in. “[To] help people understand where they stand and what choices they can make … there’s nobody better poised to do that than you,” he explained. Earlier during the Opening General Session, APhA President Marialce Bennett, BSPharm, FAPhA, delivered her State of the Profession speech. Bennett urged pharmacists to take note of the great strides the Annual Meeting’s host city of New Orleans has made in the years since Hurricane Katrina and strive to do the same in the profession. Bennett told attendees that there are three key components to her plans for the Association: a plan, people, and connections. The plan refers to APhA’s new strategic plan, which she said will “inspire, empower, and equip our members.” Bennett expressed her confidence in the Association’s people, noting that “pharmacists sit right in the middle of where our patients work, live, play, and pray.” She also noted the connections APhA has developed and continues to promote, including partnerships with the American Diabetes Association, American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, and FDA. “The key [for the future] is for us to remember that we just need to believe and keep going,” Bennett concluded. “Join me in this walk.” Read entire article at