As part of our ongoing initiative to encourage dialogue between pharmacists working in different environments, each month Drug Topics will present an editorial by a guest columnist writing on a subject of his or her choice.

This month’s guest editorial is written by, Darius Randeria, RPh, BPharm, MRPS, VP Staffing, AHS PharmStat

It is hard for community pharmacists to listen to the news about the “War On Drugs” when every day we are intimately involved in it. The sad thing is that the war that we are fighting every day doesn’t seem to even be on the radar of the law-makers. The war that we fight is with traditional doctors who write narcotics and benzodiazepines as an adjunct to their main practice just to keep everyone happy, doctors who work in pain management clinics and a few who have just sold out to the almighty dollar altogether.

How many times have we seen patients that appear to be perfectly fine receive 120 Vicodin and 90 Xanax month after month.

Relief pharmacists travel to many areas and often happen upon a particular pharmacy that seems to do nothing else but dispense cocktails from a local doctor and a hoard of PA’s.

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