Do you spend countless hours searching for a pharmacy job? Finding the pharmacy job you desire can take countless hours - hours that are hard to find if you are currently working 8 or more hours a day.  You go online, search local newspaper ads and make phone calls that may sometimes take weeks to get returned.  It is all so tiresome that you may give up and decide to stay where you are - knowing you aren't happy, but you settle because it is easier. When it comes to a pharmacy job search and considering various pharmacy job opportunities, it is sometimes best to get the assistance of pharmacist recruiters who can search for the perfect pharmacy career that will provide you with long term job satisfaction. At AHS PharmStat, our leadership team has over 50 years in the healthcare staffing industry and we work diligently on your behalf.  That experience equates to an unequaled understanding of the challenges in matching candidates with job opportunities.  We have new opportunities come across our desk daily for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians - in all kinds of settings.  Whether you are looking for permanent, relief shifts or travel assignments, we have them all! One of the hardest things when searching for a job, is getting to the right person within the organization.  Our team takes pride in developing long lasting relationships with key people within the pharmacy.  We understand your needs, the pharmacies needs, and we work to place you in jobs that are suitable to your own personal and professional goals. We also know how confusing it can be when searching for a Pharmacy Job.  There are so many conflicting articles - Pharmacy market is saturated, or Shortage of pharmacist in certain areas of the country.  That's where we can help!  As one of the fastest growing Pharmacy Staffing firms in the country, we understand there are shortages in some areas and saturation in others.  We find opportunities that allow you to travel or temporary jobs that may turn into permanent.  Some pharmacy owners don't have the time or manpower to interview qualified candidates - so we do all the up-front work for them. If you are a pharmacy grad looking for your first job as a pharmacist, or a pharmacist or pharmacy technician who currently work in the field but are looking for new opportunities, we can help! Go to our website and complete a "Quick Apply."  Once in our system, you will be one of the first to hear about opportunities in your area.  Or give us a call 877-309-3546 and a member of our team will be happy to assist you. Getting your foot in the door through the targeted efforts of a pharmacy staffing agency can allow you the ability to find a pharmacy job that will serve your goals and objectives perfectly and well into the future.

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