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The Balancing Act

By AHS | August 17, 2017

When your job requires you to have great attention to detail, to be responsible for your patient's health and run a successful business all at the same time, it can be exhausting. The pharmacy world is extremely rewarding and tiring at the same time, so knowing how to balance your work and personal life is a must. This crazy balancing act can be difficult sometimes, but remember these tips and you will find yourself feeling more rewarded in your work and home life! 

1. Time Management

Even though you've heard that time management is important a million times already, it really is important! Start by making a list of all of your weekly tasks and organize them in categories of less importan

Dream Job in Maine

By AHS | August 16, 2017

We have an immediate opening for a Pharmacy Technician in Bangor, Maine! 

During your visit to Bangor, Maine, you’ll find there are many things to do. In Bangor, the 31-foot statue of legendary lumberjack Paul Bunyan still stands tall over what was once the “Lumber Capital of the World.” In the 1830s, the city was home to more than 300 sawmills, and you can still see the Federal-style mansions constructed during the lumber boom in the Broadway region. Horror novelist Stephen King resides in this neighborhood—and m

Dream Job

By AHS | August 09, 2017

We have an immediate opening for a Pharmacy Technician in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

If there is a right place in all of the Orlando metropolitan area, Altamonte Springs is it. Positioned in the geographic heart of central Florida, Altamonte Springs provides a solid base of professional personnel and support services with the convenience of a location that virtually eliminates the daily challenge of commuting to work.

Ideally located at Interstate 4 and State Road 436, Altamonte is the clear choice for smart business and residents alike. The city offers

Making Yourself Attractive To Employers

By AHS | August 03, 2017

The pharmacy world can be quite competitive, especially coming straight out of pharmacy school. Something people ask all the time is, how do I stand out to employers? Well we have some answers for you! Here are some things to start thinking of now, to help you in the future when it's time to switch jobs! 

1. Adherence

If you know anything about pharmacy, you know adherence is a big deal. If you go into a pharmacy interview and can explain to them how you can help build their adherence and that you understand that it's a big deal, you already have a leg up! 

2. Physician Network

Start building your network of physician contacts now! If you

Dream Job in Cali

By AHS | August 02, 2017

We have an immediate opening for a Pharmacist in Arcata, California! 

Across the northern stretch of Humboldt Bay from Eureka, the colorful buildings of Arcata are clearly visible. The two cities are only minutes apart by highway, but are distinct in character. Originally named Union, Arcata's beginnings go back to the Gold Rush when she was a shipping and supply center for the miners on the Trinity River.    

The docks are long gone, but Arcata retains (and celebrates) a sense of her uniqueness. Sprawling over the hillside above Arcat




You could receive up to $500