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Supervision models may differ in different settings

By AHS | July 22, 2010

Supervision of professional activity by pharmacists is a topic that raises strong feelings within the profession. Current practice around supervision guarantees the universal availability of professional advice from a pharmacist in a community pharmacy - one of the unique benefits that pharmacy offers the public. 

What do pharmacists want from supervision?  Society Ask Pharmacist To Shape Their Own Future

Thank You!

By AHS | July 21, 2010

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North Dakota Initiative to Change Pharmacy Law?

By AHS | July 21, 2010

North Dakota has long had a law that kept chain pharmacies out of that state. The law requires that all pharmacies be mostly locally owned, meaning the majority of ownership lies in the state of North Dakota, this law however is up for vote and chains like Wal-mart are pushing for change. Local pharmacists are fearing that the new law would put them out of business.

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Pharmacy "Great Communicator" Award...

By AHS | July 20, 2010

Vanderveen also cited a famous study in North Carolina called the Asheville Project to emphasize how counseling by pharmacists has been shown to reduce healthcare costs by more effectively using medications to treat chronic conditions.

To read more, go to:  Pharmacy school dean receives Pharmacy 'Great Communicator' award from NACDS

Pharmacists, who number almost 300,000 today, could help fill the gap...

By AHS | July 19, 2010

Many worry there won't be enough physicians to care for the estimated 30 million more patients who will be insured under the health law passed earlier this year.

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