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Drug shortages force physicians, pharmacists, patients to find alternatives

By AHS | November 14, 2011

Keystone Pharmacy fields as many as 30 calls a day from people trying to fill their Adderall prescriptions.

But there is a national shortage of the drug commonly prescribed for children and adults to treat attention deficit disorders.

“For a lot of people, it’s the only thing that helps them function through the day,” said David Miller, co-owner of Keystone, 4021 Cascade Road SE. “They are pretty desperate.”

Adderall is one of more than 200 prescription drug shortages this year, according to Food and Drug Association.

That already surpasses 2010, when the drug shortage list peaked at 178.

Pharmacists unhappy with Rx price mark-ups

By AHS | November 08, 2011

US pharmacists slam "unjustifiable PBM Rx price mark-ups"

A national coalition of US pharmacists and pharmacy owners has begun a public information campaign to "expose the unjustifiably high prices of prescription drugs set by pharmacy benefits managers [PBMs]."

The coalition, Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency, which has members in 40 US states, describes PBMs as an "unregulated, multibillion-dollar industry" that controls prescription health plans for more than 200 million Americans and says it has begun the campaign to protect benefit plan sponsors and enrollees from overpaying for prescription dr

Ask Your Pharmacist

By AHS | November 07, 2011

Ask your pharmacist

It may be a good idea to detoxify oneself when the body is full of impurities like skin infections, diseases and so on. 

This simply refers to giving up ills such as drinking and smoking, and giving up unhealthy eating like junk and fatty foods.

However, some people seem to have deciphered a different meaning of detoxification. They give up their long term medications in the ordeal, which might tend to have serious consequences. People suffering from diseases like diabetes, depression or asthma, tend to leave their medicines all of a sudden, what conseq

It’s a long road…but worth it!

By AHS | November 01, 2011
Another great post by, The Redheaded Pharmacist

I’ve had the chance to talk with several pharmacy students in my career.Some of them are just starting school. Others are entering their clinical rotations. I even get to talk with people just thinking about pharmacy as a career. It’s interesting to talk with them all.

Pharmacy students seem eager. They are excited and nervous about the future. They often lament about the trials and challenges of getting through professional school and finding employment after graduation. There is a lot going through their minds. But in general they seem motivated and focused towards completing the task of finishing school. That drives them to continue.

I’ve noticed more and more pharma

US facing serious shortage of drugs

By AHS | November 01, 2011

A cancer diagnosis can come as a shock, but what happens next may be even more surprising. The country faces a critical shortage of many chemotherapy drugs, forcing some patients to delay their treatments or switch medications.

And it’s not just cancer drugs. There are more than 200 drugs on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s shortage list — including antibiotics, nausea medication and drugs to treat high blood pressure. The number of drugs on the list has tripled in the last five years.

Most of the drugs on the shortage list are generic intravenous or injectable drugs given to patients in hospitals.





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