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A Thing of Magic

By AHS | August 26, 2011

A great post from our friend, Redheaded Pharmacist. 

  Have you ever had that day at work where everything just clicked? I’m not saying that it was a perfect day by any stretch of the imagination but things at least went smoothly and all the work was eventually completed. You know those days where your coworkers pull their weight and you actually get stuff done. Those days are a thing of magic!

I can recall several days in my career that by any usual standards wouldn’t be considered “good days.” Problems mounted, prescription volumes were above normal, and there was more than average turmoil in what can be

Feds Resist Control for 2nd Most-Abused Pain Drug

By AHS | August 22, 2011

It is the nation's second-most abused medicine, linked to murders, celebrity overdoses and a rising tide of violent pharmacy robberies. But since 1999 federal regulators have put off deciding whether to tighten controls over hydrocodone, the addictive narcotic that is the key ingredient in Vicodin and other medicines.

The Drug Enforcement Administration and Food and Drug Administration insist they are still actively studying whether to move hydrocodone-containing medicines from the Schedule III category of medicines to the more restrictive Schedule II. But the 12-year delay is frustrating drug treatment counselors, lawmakers a

An ATM for what ails you

By AHS | August 18, 2011

  It looks like an oversized cash machine. But instead of spitting out greenbacks, it dispenses prescription medicine.

For Michael Powell, who slipped his debit card into one of the machines at North Memorial Medical Center recently, the on-site convenience can't be topped.

"It took two minutes, maybe," he said. "If I go to my drug store I'll wait at least a half hour."

The Eden Prairie company InstyMeds is bringing vending machine convenience to the world of medicine. The number of the machines has doubled in the past three years, with 200 installed in 33 states and the District of Columbi

Mistakes in Storage May Alter Medication

By AHS | August 16, 2011

What does extreme heat do to medications? I found out while we were sweating out the recent heat wave in a lake cabin in New Hampshire and my 10-year-old son’s allergies kicked up.

I gave him a dose of over-the-counter medicine that usually brings quick relief. But this time the drug had no effect. The same thing happened the next day, and the next.|

When I returned home, I asked a pharmacist about it. Was my son becoming immune to this particular medicine? Were his allergies getting worse?

The pharmacist asked where I had stored his pills as the temperatures soared. On the bathroom shelf in

July Pharmacist of the Month!

By AHS | August 15, 2011

Congratulations Brad Beck our July Pharmacist of the Month!

Brad went above and beyond to fill a long term assignment that was abruptly canceled after just a few days. Without complaint, he changed his schedule and was redirected to another long term assignment within a week. His attitude has been phenomenal and we, as well as the client, greatly appreciate it.  Thank you, Brad, for your tenacity and flexibility!

AHS PharmStat will send Brad a congratulatory package as our way of saying thank you. He is also eligible for the 2011 Pharmaci




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