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Doctors, pharmacies struggle with shortage of cancer meds

By AHS | August 11, 2011


Dr. Randy Oyer was at the airport about six weeks ago when his cellphone rang.

It was a York County man who had tracked down the director of Lancaster General Hospital's cancer treatment program in the hopes that he could bring his wife to LGH because she could not get the cancer drugs she needed in their community. Oyer did not have good news for the man.

"I said, even if we have a supply this week, we would not be able to determine if we would have the drug long-term," he said. "We all face this problem every week."

For about the past year, local cancer doctors and hospital pharmacies

Dream Job Highlight

By AHS | August 09, 2011
Dream Job Highlight:

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The Robot pharmacist

By AHS | August 08, 2011

  For a business to “make it” on Main Street, especially when there are large, box stores in the area, the local merchant must offer something the larger store more often than not doesn’t – personal service. But what happens when success leaves little time for the personal touch? For Neal Smoller and Peter Gage of the Village Apothecary, the answer was clear: get a robot assistant.

“We were just getting so busy, that we didn’t have time to talk to the people,” Smoller explained. “Our frustration level increased as the workload increased, because our business was growing so much.”

A good pharma

Trend Threatens Pharmacists' Participation in Medicare, Health Plans

By AHS | August 03, 2011

  A new survey of 1,850 members of the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) released today has identified two rising problems that are increasingly undermining the trusted, cost-saving patient care that millions of seniors and other Americans rely on from independent community pharmacists.

NCPA asked community pharmacists about their experiences with pharmacy audits and generic-drug reimbursement limits (known as "maximum allowable costs" or MACs). Employers and health plans often contract audit and MAC-setting responsibilities to controversial, middlemen known as pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), which also operate m

Committee OKs bill banning tobacco product sales at pharmacies

By AHS | August 02, 2011

Pharmacy jobs  Pharmacies, hospitals, health clinics or any big box store with working pharmacists on site would be prohibited from selling cigarettes under a plan approved by a legislative committee.

Lawmakers who filed the bill said they modeled it after a Boston city ordinance passed in 2009 that prohibits pharmacies from selling tobacco products. A handful of other communities across the state have similar bans, including Everett, Fall River, Lancaster, Needham, Newton, and Southborough.

Bill supporters say a statewide restriction of tobacco sales will send a more consistent public heal




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