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March Pharmacist of the Month!

By AHS | April 15, 2011

ongratulations Wayne Browning our March Pharmacist of the Month!

Wayne is a Relief Pharmacist for AHS PharmStat who goes above and beyond taking last minute shifts in hard to fill areas.  AHS PharmStat will send Wayne a congratulatory package as our way of saying thank you.  He is also eligible for the 2011 Pharmacist of the Year Award.

Congratulations Wayne!  Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

AHS PharmStat Team

Recruiter services in growing demand in business world

By AHS | April 14, 2011

Pharmacy Staffing Agency

Is a staffing agency right for you?

Recruitment of new employees has gone the way of payroll and tax duties for a number of companies — out of the building.

For years, employers have used recruitment firms to fill specialized technical and senior level executive positions. Now more types of job-seekers are likely to deal with a third party than a person at the company that is offering the job.

"It is a little different mix than we've seen in the past," said area manager Jim Ellis at Burns Personnel, who is being asked to fill a wider variety of positions.


Dear Doctor...

By AHS | April 11, 2011

Pharmacy Staffing  

Darius Randeria R.Ph ; BPharm (London) ; M.R.P.S

Vice President, Staffing

AHS PharmStat

If you could write a  letter like this, what would you add?  What would you take out? 

Dear Doctor:

We have been working together for about a century now and have seen healthcare change many times while you and I have continued to take care of the patients as best we can. We haven’t talked in a while and I just wanted to touch base with you about a few issues that would help our relationship.

Road Warriors!

By AHS | April 11, 2011

  This is to all you fellow ROAD WARRIORS who spend countless hours in your cars driving to crazy towns in the middle of nowhere. Don't let these hours slip away. They can be used to your advantage. I want to know what you do in your cars to alleviate the boredom....and keep it clean! I'll start the ball rolling...

Mr. Bean - Drives to the Dentist

1 Dental Hygiene....watch the Mr Bean episode above. I too use drive time to floss, brush teeth and, on occasion, use teeth whitening products...but make sure you have some water left!

2 Call people you would never call if you weren't bored out

TORCH Conference 2011

By AHS | April 07, 2011

AHS PharmStat is at the TORCH conference this week...are you?  Stop by our booth #102 and register for your chance to win a GoProAHS PharmStat, a leading healthcare staffing company specializing in relief and permanent placement for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacies throughout the United States.

An organization of rural and community hospitals, corporations, and interested individuals working together to address the special needs and issues of rural and community hospitals, staff, and patients they serve.




You could receive up to $500