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TORCH Conference 2011

By AHS | April 07, 2011

AHS PharmStat is at the TORCH conference this week...are you?  Stop by our booth #102 and register for your chance to win a GoProAHS PharmStat, a leading healthcare staffing company specializing in relief and permanent placement for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacies throughout the United States.

An organization of rural and community hospitals, corporations, and interested individuals working together to address the special needs and issues of rural and community hospitals, staff, and patients they serve.

Pharmacists can refuse to sell morning-after pill

By AHS | April 07, 2011

Pharmacist Jobs have choices

When looking for a pharmacist job, do medical issues play into that decision?

Pharmacists with religious objections to "morning-after" emergency contraceptives cannot be compelled to sell the product, an Illinois Circuit Judge has ruled.

The Illinois Health Care Right of Conscience Act was passed in 1998 to shield health care workers from going against their own beliefs. In 2005, then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich issued a ruling to force "pharmacies to fill prescriptions without making moral judgments."

Two pharmacists, Luke VanderBleek and Glenn Kosirog, sued for the rig

Local pharmacies being squeezed

By AHS | April 06, 2011

Relief Pharmacist Filling Prescriptions

Community pharmacists say they are getting squeezed by plans that restrict where customers can buy medications.

Years ago insurance companies hired pharmacy benefit mangers (PBMs) to administer prescription drug plans. Then PBMs began steering patients to order medications from their own mail order pharmacies by either charging higher co-payments if patients didn’t order from mail order, or by allowing them to order 90-day supplies from mail orders but only 30-day supplies from community pharmacies.

“We want a level playing

Testimonial Tuesday!

By AHS | April 05, 2011

To celebrate our one-year acquisition, we would like to share with you what others are saying about AHS PharmStat! 

Each Tuesday during the month of April, we will post a testimonial from one of our very own pharmacist, pharmacy technicians or pharmacy owner.

Testimonial:    I wanted to let you know that this is the best temp service that I've ever worked for. I've told all of my friends and family about you guys. I look forward to working with your company for months to come and hope that you guys will be able to find me a permanent job.  These are some of the sweetest people to work

Dispensing robots to start work at hospital pharmacy

By AHS | March 30, 2011

Relief Pharmacist displays medication

Robots will not replace Pharmacists - but help cut medication errors.

The trust which runs Colchester’s two hospitals has unveiled plans to buy two robots to help dispense drugs.

One would be based at Colchester General Hospital’s pharmacy. When patients take a prescription to the pharmacy, the robot would scan the code and find the item.

The drug is then sent down a chute to the dispensary, ready to be checked by staff before being given to the patient.

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