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It's all in the ratio

By AHS | March 01, 2011

Blog post written by:  Redheaded Pharmacist

Whatever happened to that ideal pharmacy technician to pharmacist ratio of 2:1? Shouldn’t one pharmacist be limited to the number of technicians that are under their direction? And what about the volume you typically need to even get three technicians in this current community pharmacy environment where help is scare but volumes continue to grow? When will safety become a real priority?

I can remember hearing about the ideal pharmacy technician to pharmacist ratio even back when I was in school. It seemed that for optimal results a pharmacy s

Five Misleading Myths About Getting A Job Through a Staffing Company

By AHS | February 28, 2011

By: Cheryl Ferguson

Author Cheryl Ferguson is the host of The Recruiter's Studio, a career resources website featuring weekly web cast interviews of people talking about what they do for a living. ~ About.com ~

Five Misleading Myths About Getting A Job Through a Staffing Company

I’ve talked to half a dozen college grads recently that are still unemployed six months after graduating. Frustrated, they are not exactly sure what they want to do for a living, but they do know they "want to do something interesting," "they don’t want to be pigeonholed," and most certainly "don’t want to register

Pharmacist overcomes speech impediment

By AHS | February 26, 2011

Harriet Nottingham recalls a whole year when she did not talk on the phone.

She almost gave up on pharmacy school at West Virginia University because of a required public speaking class.

Yet Nottingham, 68, and a pharmacist at the Bridge Road Rite Aid, says many of her friends have no idea of those fears or why she had them.

Nottingham has a stuttering disorder.

"My friends will be shocked to hear this, because I talk all the time," said Nottingham, laughing.

In publicly acknowledging that she has had problems with stuttering, Nottingham joins the ranks of some pretty famous stutter

AHS PharmStat to attend APhA 2011 in Seattle this March

By AHS | February 24, 2011

The AHS PharmStat team will be attending the APhA 2011 Annual Meeting and Expo in Seattle, WA on March 25-28.  If you are planning to attend, please let us know, we'd love to connect with you in Seattle.

APhA 2011

APhA encourages consumers to consult pharmacists about heart health

By AHS | February 22, 2011

heart health  February is American Heart Month, and a professional group representing the country’s pharmacists is using that as an opportunity to encourage the public to learn how to prevent heart disease from the most easily accessible members of the healthcare system.

The American Pharmacists Association said people should talk to their pharmacists about available screening and consultative services that could prevent and detect health problems usually associated with heart disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, and is a major cause of disability, with an estimated 785,000 ha




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