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More than a quarter of U.S. kids take at least one chronic med

By AHS | December 28, 2010

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More than 25% of children and teens take at least one medication on a daily basis, and nearly 7% are on two or more drugs, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday, citing 2009 data from Medco Health Solutions. Drawing additional data from IMS Health, the article noted that prescriptions for hypertension in people under the age of 20 years could reach 5.5 million for 2010 by the time year-end results are tabulated, which would mark a rise of 17% since 2007.

The rise in prescription drug use among children has been attributed to increasing awareness among physicians and parents of available therapeutic options for kids

New drug law will track more prescriptions

By AHS | December 27, 2010

Pharmacy   Massachusetts residents face a new routine when they pick up certain prescription drugs at the pharmacy on Jan. 1.

Under a law passed last summer, they will have to show a driver's license or another approved ID before the druggist can give them prescriptions ranging from addictive opiates to certain medicines for diarrhea. Their purchases will be recorded in a massive database that will include their names, addresses and the kinds and amount of pills they take.

The goal of the law is to combat the growing problem of prescription drug abuse, particularly among teens and young adults. According

Pharmacists and Nurses are the Most Effective Health Care 'Voices'

By AHS | December 22, 2010
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A new study looking at in-person, electronic, telephonic, fax and mail communications that counsel patients to stay on their medications concludes that pharmacists at a retail store are the most influential health care "voice" in getting patients to take medicine as prescribed.

The research, based on a review of more than 40 years of studies published in medical journals, showed that nurses talking with patients as they are discharged from a hospital are the second most influential voice encouraging patients to stay on their medicines. Both in-store pharmacists and hospital-based nurses are more effective than pharmacists communicating

Pharmacy Technician of the Year!

By AHS | December 20, 2010

AHS Pharmstat

Pharmacy technicians are the professionals on the front lines of the pharmacy who bring passion, dedication and commitment every day in providing patients the medications they need. They are the glue that holds the pharmacy together. They are the pulse that keeps the pharmacy beating. and on behalf of patients and pharmacy professionals across America, thank you for making us feel better!  After careful consideration we have chosen an AHS PharmStat Pharmacy Technician of the Year!

Congratulations to Gracie!  She is the winner of a $100 Visa Gift Card from AHS PharmStat for being our Pharmacy Technician of the Yea

Prior Authorization Required

By AHS | December 19, 2010

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I’ve been noticing a trend at work recently. It seems like the already abundant prior authorization rejections I’m receiving when billing third parties for prescription claims is on the rise. What gives?

We all know that most of the prescriptions we fill at work on a day to day basis will be billed to some third party insurance processor. Rarely does the average pharmacy fill anything for cash except those drugs that are on one of the $4 lists that are so inexpensive it wouldn’t make a difference to file the claim under that patient’s insurance plan anyway. But it sure seems to me that we are being swamped




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