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By AHS | September 27, 2010

Each week we will try and post a question that not only may be helpful to you, but may also help others in the industry - or considering a degree in pharmacy.  We welcome your thoughts and feedback.

If a young person approached you to ask your opinion about pursuing a pharmacy degree, what types of things would you want them to know before making their decision?

Thank you for being part of the AHS PharmStat Community!

Google sues online pharmacies peddling fake drugs

By AHS | September 26, 2010


Google has come in for criticism in the past for not doing enough to curb the actions of online pharmacies selling counterfeit medicines via its search site, but now seems to have stepped up to the plate.

A posting on the company's official blog by litigation counsel Michael Zwibelman notes that Google has filed a civil lawsuit in federal court "against advertisers we believe have deliberately broken our rules."

The actions concern the sponsored links generated when an Internet user enters a relevant search term. It does not concern 'organic' search results – the main body of results generated over which

New Health Reform Report website provides 'real facts, trusted analysis' about healthcare

By AHS | September 23, 2010

Healh Care Reform for PharmaciesNewt Gingrich, former House speaker and founder of the Center for Health Transformation, unveiled a new website on Wednesday -- HealthReformReport.com -- dedicated to providing “real facts, trusted analysis” with news about how the new federal healthcare law impacts individuals, doctors, businesses, hospitals, insurers and others.

“If you want to know what this means for you, this is the site where you can cut through red tape to get the answers,” Gingrich said. “No government jargon. No painful, twisted bureaucratic explanations. Just the facts. Pure and simple.”

To learn more about the health ref

Facts About Pharmacists And Pharmacies

By AHS | September 23, 2010

American Pharmacist Association

The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) is the largest national professional society of pharmacists, representing the interests of the third largest health profession. Since its founding in 1852, APhA has been a leader in the professional and scientific advancement of pharmacy, and in safeguarding the well being of the individual patient.

In the last quarter century, pharmacy has expanded its role within the health care delivery system from a profession focusing on preparation and dispensing of medications to patients to one in which pharmacists provide a wide range of patient-oriented services to maximize the medicine

Pharmacists are allies in health-reform shift

By AHS | September 22, 2010

drug store newsThe reformed U.S. healthcare system could unleash a surge in patient demand for preventive care services, and community pharmacists should be part of any plan to meet that demand, the independent pharmacy lobby told Obama administration health officials.

That message came from the National Community Pharmacists Association in comments recently submitted to the Department of Health and Human Services. The group urged the officials implementing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to make full use of community pharmacists in the nation’s increasing reliance on preventive care — particularly if the health-reform




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