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MTM Certification

By AHS | September 01, 2010

Have any of you taken the MTM certification and started billing for services. If so, can you summarize how you did this?

Industry Poised For Historic Paradigm Change

By AHS | August 31, 2010

Retail pharmacy is going through a “historic paradigm change” as pharmacists and pharmacy leaders expand their patient-care and clinical capabilities and provide new solutions to a “broken” healthcare system undergoing rapid change.

That was the message delivered Monday by Steve Anderson, president and CEO of the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, on day two of the 2010 NACDS Pharmacy and Technology Conference. Buoyed by a series of legislative and policy-making victories –– and by the growing recognition from public and private health plan payers of the role pharmacists can play in improving patient outcomes and lowering health spending –– the pharmacy industry is poised for a “renaissance” in ho

Controlled Substance Drug Schedules

By AHS | August 30, 2010

Alchemy State and Federal delivers rapid, reliable answers for informed prescribing and dispensing and protects against illegal transmission of electronic prescriptions by identifying differences between federal and state Drug Enforcement Administration information, said Marianne Messer, President of Gold Standard. Through this new module, the only one of its kind on the market today, we take another big step in supporting the many providers whose quest it is to reduce prescription medication misuse and alleviate clinical and financial risks to millions of patients.

Many pharmacy companies face difficulties in complying with their state PDMPs due to variances caused by conflicting state and federal rules. Some state PDMPs

Almost 83, pharmacist due for dose of relaxation

By AHS | August 30, 2010

Some Haskell folk thought that when pharmacist Elbert Johnson sold his drugstore in 1994 he was going to retire then and there.

They were wrong, and he’s quick to point that out.

But now, with his pharmacist’s license expiring on his 83rd birthday on Monday, Johnson is officially calling it quits.

“I’m retiring for the first and only time,” Johnson said. “A lot of people keep asking, ‘Are you going to retire AGAIN?’ I tell them I never retired in the first place. I just sold my store and went to work for someone else.”

Since selling Johnson Pharmacy, Johnson has worked at many pla

Online pharmacy faces battle to win acceptance

By AHS | August 30, 2010

NewsCEO Lalit Dhadphale believes Americans are ready to order their medications online – as long as they know the pharmacy is legitimate.

And earning the trust of the skeptical American health care consumer is his biggest challenge.

“Eventually drugs are going to become just like any commodity, where we as consumers shop around for the best price,” Dhadphale said.

Dhadphale, a Cincinnati Web entrepreneur who co-founded Internet portal Excite Japan, said his business model offers deeply discounted pharmaceuticals because it doesn’t have the overhead of retail stores. But some patients




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