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More Americans forgo medical care due to cost

By AHS | August 10, 2010

"As the burden of care continues to be shifted to the individual, and more Americans lose their jobs and their health insurance, we expect this trend will continue," stated Paul Keckley executive director, Deloitte Center for Health Solutions. "It will be interesting to see what happens in 2014 when the individual mandates requiring Americans to purchase health insurance kick in. Will we see a significant spike in visits to the doctor as more Americans join the ranks of the insured?"

 pharmacy Read why ‎1-5 Americans chose not to seek medical care for a recent illness or injury due to health cost.  Click

Teen Culture: The Lingo

By AHS | August 10, 2010

You may not know what pharming is, but your teenagers do. Your first step in helping protect your teens is to speak the same language. Knowing the vocabulary surrounding prescription drug abuse can help you take a proactive approach in communicating with your teen and safeguarding their health and safety.


Parents, good information to know.  Click here for the language of prescription drug abuse.

NACDS hails move forward on FMAP extension

By AHS | August 09, 2010

Invoking a “cloture” provision, the Senate voted Wednesday to end debate on a funding bill for state Medicaid programs, and move forward on the legislation. The Senate’s move to unblock the bill immediately was endorsed by the National Association of Chain Drug Stores.

 For more on this story, go to:  NACDS hails move forward on FMAP extension

Historic Rhode Island!

By AHS | August 09, 2010
Rhode Island offers one of the nation’s largest concentrations of registered historic landmarks. Centuries of American history are preserved here, from seventeenth-century Colonial houses and churches to the opulent mansions of Newport. Scores of museums, from maritime to children’s museums, are scattered throughout the state. An exceptional appreciation of the performing arts is evident in the state’s many fine professional and community theater, dance and musical organizations.


We have opportunities in Rhode Island!  Director of Pharm

Local pharmacy delivers medicine, care to those in need

By AHS | August 07, 2010
This extreme heat has been keeping many of you inside. But for some, there are serious reasons to leave the house - like to pick up medications.

A delivery service in Knoxville not only gets customers the medicine they need, it allows the pharmacy to make sure customers get the care they need as well.  Six days a week, pharmacists at Long's Drug store pack care in their prescriptions.

Delivering medications gives pharmacists a way to check up on customers in this extreme heat.  To read more, on this story, click here.




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